Where To Run In Jersey City, New Jersey

The state isn’t the most popular vacation spot in the United States — by far and for good reason — but there are some great destinations if you know your way around. One of those destinations is Jersey City, famous for its boardwalk (and also famous for having its boardwalks swallowed during large storms). Whether you live in Jersey City or are just visiting for a weekend, here are a few great places where you can go for a quick workout.

Although most people visiting New York will stay in New York, Jersey City offers a nearby option for people who’d like a great view of the Big Apple. For one of the most sprawling views you’ll find, head over to The Heights, which you’ll find atop the Palisades. There are plenty of walking paths around from Pershing Field to Washington Park, and you can always run longer and farther if you want to explore more of the city.

Liberty State Park’s views of the cities on both sides of the Hudson are breathtaking. There are over five miles of path for running and walking along the waterway, but there are plenty of paths deeper inside the park as well. This is also a fantastic place to visit for views of the Statue of Liberty or Ellis Island. 

New Jersey Hamilton Park is only just over a mile, but runners still come here to jog around the loop repeatedly. Many will leave the park to explore the neighborhood, which has some interesting architecture and quiet roads.

If you want to explore the downtown area, we recommend a route from Newport Path Station toward Town Square Place, and then using Pavonia Avenue to make your way to the Hudson River. This will provide you with about five and a half miles of track, although you’ll have to watch out for traffic when making a number of road crossings. 

Some landmarks to scout out while you run around the downtown area of the city include: the Korean War Veterans Memorial, Newport Marina, the Lefrak Point Lighthouse, the Owen Grundy Park promenade, the Colgate Clock, and Holland Tunnel. We also recommend checking out the 3.2 miles of path along the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway. Want a longer run? Check out the piers or dive into some of the nearby neighborhoods for a hot minute.

Pro tip: Most of the areas highlighted in this article are best enjoyed during sunrise or sunset because of the sprawling vistas.

Pro tip number two: Download a running app before you head out. These will allow you to keep track of where you go to make repeat visits to the places you most want to remember a little bit easier. They also keep track of how far you go and how long it takes you to complete a single mile. Map My Run is a long-time favorite. You can also check out iSmoothRun Pro or Footpath Route Planner if you have an iOS device.