The Best Places To Run In Philadelphia

The city of Philadelphia sometimes maintains a reputation for its lack of cleanliness, but that reputation depends on where — and when — you go. Visit the city in the first days of the spring season, and you’ll feel like you’ve visited a city full of Mary Poppins’ relatives. Everyone will be outside painting already brightly colored buildings or sweeting or hosing something down. And these are the places where you should be running!

Boxers’ Trail is a 3.8-mile trail that can seem under trafficked for how nice it is. You’ll find relative seclusion in a non-urban environment. This is the green tunnel, and that’s why we love it. It begins at Sedgley Woods Disc Golf Course in the south, which is where we suggest you start your run.

We admit that there’s an occasional foul odor because of the water, but the Schuylkill River Trail is a whopping 26.5 miles, which makes it prime real estate for both runners and bikers. What better place to get in shape for your next marathon than the marathon-length trail? There are plenty of scenic views and points of interest along the way.

Head to Bucks County for more great places to run. The Delaware Canal Towpath and Peace Valley Park offer great options for anyone. The Towpath is a great opportunity to get away from the city to enjoy scenic landscapes. You’ll find a trailhead near the Washington Crossing State Park.

Peace Valley Park has a 5.4-mile path around the lack, which is a great place to run during the day if you like the water — and the safety offered by a family-friendly park. Parked nearby? You’ll find plenty of places to sit and enjoy a moment’s rest or a picnic lunch. 

Tyler State Park is a must-visit for those who wish to experience all the natural beauty that individual states have to offer. Tyler is an impressive 1,700 acres in size, with sprawling vistas throughout the park.