How To Protect Feet From Blisters During A Marathon

If you’ve trained for a marathon, you’re going to want to make sure your hard work pays off. You’ll need to make sure your feet are protected from blisters when you run.

If you want to avoid blisters, try sticking to these tips. These suggestions will help you to keep your feet blister-free.

Choose Your Socks Carefully

You shouldn’t wear just any socks when you are running a marathon. You should select socks that were specifically designed with athletes in mind. The right socks will provide your feet with some cushion and protection. Avoid cotton socks; they tend to soak up a lot of sweat. Instead, look for socks with moisture-wicking capabilities.

Don’t Run In New Shoes

You need to break your running shoes in before the marathon. You should never run a marathon in brand-new or poorly-fitting shoes. If you run in shoes that don’t fit your feet well, you can definitely expect to see some blisters later on.

Think About Taping Your Feet

It’s common for professional runners to tape or place bandages on their feet before they run. If your feet are already protected, you’ll be able to keep on running if you do get a blister.

Try To Prevent Friction

Friction is one of the major causes of blisters. If you powder your feet or apply the right kind of cream, you’ll be able to reduce the amount of friction that occurs is you run. There are creams that are specifically designed for an athlete; look into using products like that.

If you’re running long distances, blisters are something you will want to watch out for. Blisters can be extremely painful. A blister could even keep you from finishing a race. There are a number of things you can do to reduce your risk of developing blisters. Try to take every precaution that you can.