Most Popular Marathons In The US

While many people see the United States as a country full of fried chicken-eating freedom lovers, there is in fact a huge runners culture in many parts of the country.  Traditionally, the best runners come from relatively urban areas, as there is ample opportunity to train and compete with as many people as possible.  The abundance of gyms and fitness groups in urban areas amplifies this trend, as people have way more access to tools that enhance their skills.  While every city in the US has a marathon associated with it, here are some of the biggest marathons that attract the best competition in the US.

New York City

Ah, the New York City Marathon.  Utter those three words and you are guaranteed to make any New Yorker angry.  NYC is a city that is known for its passionate people and intense traffic.  As it turns out when you shut down half of the city so some people can run around, traffic gets worse and the people get more, let’s say “expressive”, about how they feel.  The New York City Marathon is a staple of any marathon runner’s career because of the huge prize pool and the grandeur of the event.  Being able to run around the city, unencumbered by the threat of getting hit by a car, is a dream come true for many people, though it is a nightmare for many commuters.


The Boston Marathon has always been the second most popular marathon in the United States, as the relatively small size of Boston lends itself well to hosting a marathon.  The terrorist attacks a few years back were a truly emboldening moment for the city of Boston: they rose above the hate and continued to host the marathon.  This has made the last few years of the Boston Marathon an absolutely surreal event, seeing people who were so horribly affected by the event continue to do what they love.  While it was born out of horrible circumstances, the Boston Marathon has truly turned into a patriotic event.  It is a reminder that no matter what happens, the United States will always rise above terrorism.