The Best Stretches To Do Before Running a Marathon

Stretching is something that needs to be done prior to exercise. Running can make your legs strong and unfortunately tight as well. Thus, every step you take, you are going to be overworking your muscles and possibly develop tightness, tension, and even scar tissue. The best way to minimize the chances of this happening is by getting a proper stretch before each and every workout. Below, we will be going over some of the best stretches you should be doing prior to running a marathon.

Best Stretches:

1. Leg Swings.

This is one of the top stretches to consider incorporating into your routine. You will simply hold onto a sturdy object and work all of your leg muscles at once. You will want to go through an entire and full motion each and every time. Simply swing the leg from side to side around 10-20 times. Each swing that you complete should build until your leg is complete in its full motion.

2. Walking Lunges.

Another great exercise that you should incorporate into your routine prior to running a marathon would be walking lunges. These lunges are going to help because they can maximize your muscle growth and build up strength in your joints. You will simply take one single large step forward with each leg and bend your knee until it is completely parallel to the floor. You will then do the same with your other leg.

3. Calf Stretch.

Stretching your calf muscles is another stretch you should try to incorporate into your pre-marathon routine. You would simply stand as straight as possible with your ankles together and stretch down with your arms to try to touch your toes. This will stretch out your calf muscles and elongate them so they are primed to run.

By doing all of the stretches mentioned above, you should be able to minimize your risk of injury.