It has been established well over several dozen studies that jogging is one of those physical exercises that has many more benefits for us than drawbacks.

There may be a few benefits that are well-known, and there are some that we don’t really know, or we have forgotten. But did you know how many benefits there are? Based on some articles on the web, the number could be more than 30 when taken in aggregate. Here we’ve curated some articles (there are so many) and we’ve picked out the five most important benefits to lacing up your sneakers and doing a canter around the block.

Play Your Cardio Right

Jogging works your cardiovascular system (heart and lungs) about as well as any other exercise out there. It gets the blood pumping, your heart rate up and works out your lungs and builds capacity. Heart and lung disease are prominent killers, and the key to health with both organs is to work them. Muscles get stronger when they are put in motion, and the heart is a very important muscle. A healthy cardio system sends oxygen through the body in greater volume, and that contributes to overall health as oxygen regenerates cells in the body.

Make No Bones About It

Jogging, while it can be difficult on joints, does provide benefit to your bones. Working bones with jogging can contribute to preventing or mitigating the onset of osteoporosis, the condition that makes bones brittle and easily breakable due to calcium loss. Jogging pulls on the muscles, which pulls on the tendons, and that tension actually pulls against the bone and helps keep it strong because the calcium gets used by the bone instead of expended and wasted. Bearing weight actually supports bone strength, which seems weird at first, we know.

Figure This

One of the other causes of major health problems is weight being disproportionate to your body frame. Part of that is watching what you eat, and also getting exercise – taking in more efficient calories that burn off more easily, and burning off more calories with exercise rather than being sedentary. The big keys are not only losing weight, but it’s also about maintenance and keeping the weight in a healthy range. This reduces stress on your heart, strengthens muscles and makes you feel and look better in general.

Frankie Say Relax

Jogging works out your heart and your hips and legs, but it can do wonders for your brain in some respects. Research has shown that jogging releases endorphins and other chemicals that help you feel good, and working muscles reduces the stress that may build up in them from work or family-related issues that might be on your mind. The feel-good chemicals not only relax you but they also a help you fight depression and bad feelings, improving your overall mood and raises your pain threshold which lessens stress and discomfort In your body. It is also good for improving mental focus.

Declare Immunity

It turns out that jogging improves your immune system. The immune system consists of white blood cells, and exercise activates them so they can more effectively fight most common diseases and keep you from getting sick. Not only that, some research has shown that an active jogger can have a strong immune system to actually battle certain cancers. Jogging, which burns energy, actually can help you have more energy to get more work done, too.