Buying The Right Running Shoes For You

Running as a sport is something that requires no marketing and needs no hype. People have been running since before they walked on two legs, and they’ll be running as long as they have the capability. It’s a test of endurance and a form of exercise all in one!

However, if you’re going to run then you need a good pair of running shoes. This is where it gets tricky, because “good running shoes” can mean a lot of different things depending on your precise need. Even just choosing the size of the running shoe can be difficult!

So if you want to start running and you’re not sure what shoes you need, here are some tips.

1) Buy The Right Size

Many people wear the wrong sized shoe for their feet, and they don’t even know it. They just presume most people’s feet hurt after a long day. But that is not the case!

In terms of running, you should get a shoe that fits comfortably. Because there are many running shoes with extra padded support around the ankle, you might consider getting a half-size larger than what you normally wear comfortably. That way, your foot isn’t squeezed half to death by the time you’re done with your run.

2) Minimal Or Extra Support?

The current trend in running shoes is to have minimal shoes. That is, they have thin soles and very little padding throughout the inside. There are certainly benefits to a minimal shoe. They can help straighten your feet and pace yourself and the gait you use.

However, if you’re a first-time runner then you’ll likely want stability shoes. These help keep your ankle supported, which is something you need if you’re starting out. While human beings have been running since the dawn of time, the modern human body has a number of weird bits and pieces that don’t always work the way you want them to. The extra stability helps ensure you don’t break anything.

3) Plan For Your Gait

Due to no two human bodies being precisely the same, no two people have the exact same gait. There are many people who claim that there’s a “one true way” to run, but the simple truth is that your body will run in the way it’s built to run. You can adjust that with training, but you can never change it entirely.

So when you’re buying running shoes, make sure to run when you try them on. Naturally, you can’t do a few laps around a shoe store, but taking a moment to check your foot placement is vital. Once you find that information, you’ll want to buy a shoe that offers proper padding in the location where your feet first hit the ground. That way, the shoe can absorb more of the shock so your knees and ankles don’t have to.

Buying your first pair of running shoes can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. You can find the perfect running shoes for you, and you’ll be amazed at how comfortable they feel!

Most Popular Marathons In The US

While many people see the United States as a country full of fried chicken-eating freedom lovers, there is in fact a huge runners culture in many parts of the country.  Traditionally, the best runners come from relatively urban areas, as there is ample opportunity to train and compete with as many people as possible.  The abundance of gyms and fitness groups in urban areas amplifies this trend, as people have way more access to tools that enhance their skills.  While every city in the US has a marathon associated with it, here are some of the biggest marathons that attract the best competition in the US.

New York City

Ah, the New York City Marathon.  Utter those three words and you are guaranteed to make any New Yorker angry.  NYC is a city that is known for its passionate people and intense traffic.  As it turns out when you shut down half of the city so some people can run around, traffic gets worse and the people get more, let’s say “expressive”, about how they feel.  The New York City Marathon is a staple of any marathon runner’s career because of the huge prize pool and the grandeur of the event.  Being able to run around the city, unencumbered by the threat of getting hit by a car, is a dream come true for many people, though it is a nightmare for many commuters.


The Boston Marathon has always been the second most popular marathon in the United States, as the relatively small size of Boston lends itself well to hosting a marathon.  The terrorist attacks a few years back were a truly emboldening moment for the city of Boston: they rose above the hate and continued to host the marathon.  This has made the last few years of the Boston Marathon an absolutely surreal event, seeing people who were so horribly affected by the event continue to do what they love.  While it was born out of horrible circumstances, the Boston Marathon has truly turned into a patriotic event.  It is a reminder that no matter what happens, the United States will always rise above terrorism.

What To Eat On The Big Day

What is carbo loading? What is glucose and how does it affect your performance? Are you drinking enough liquids? These are some questions that you might be asking yourself if you are running a marathon. For more information, we recommend watching this quick 2-minute video. We’d love to know what carbo loaded foods you like to eat as well – don’t forget to give us feedback! Our favorites include pasta!

What’s your favorite electrolyte drink? Our personal favorite is vitamin water. We find that Gatorade is too sugary. But in the middle of the race, at that point, we are happy to just drink anything!

Also don’t eat too much the morning of, perhaps something light like a protein bar, banana or a piece of toast. What do you eat? Whatever you do, DO NOT drink coffee! It will dehydrate you!